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University of Pennsylvania Law School professor Amy Wax is one of few conservative Ivy League academics willing to speak on social issues. As a result, she faces an unprecedented attack from the university administration, which is seeking “major sanctions” against her – including stripping her of her tenure, and firing her – at the behest of a woke mob.

Professor Wax intends to fight for her job, for academic freedom, and for freedom of speech on all fronts. This case is important: the University wants to set a precedent that tenured professors can be fired for acknowledging the existence of affirmative action. Of course, that precedent would chill the speech of everyone less powerful, and less safe, than tenured professors in the future. If the university gets its way, no conservative student will be able to state freely that Ivy League universities admit students based on skin color.

Professor Wax has already incurred significant legal expenses, but seeks support to give this fight the resources it deserves. She does not want to settle – she wants to win. Professor Wax intends to take the University to court, if necessary.

Even on a university campus, you should be allowed to tell the truth. Please help Professor Wax preserve that right. Contributions to the Amy Wax Legal Defense Fund are tax deductible under the Section 501(c​)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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From Professor Wax, for the Wall Street Journal: